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The Alliance

Created on 10/08/2019, founded by TriggeredCat.

Strived to destroy an enemy faction named "wolfpack" which was later renamed to "the phantoms", this faction also is in charge of organizing major community events such as spawnholds and major raids. Most members of this massive faction are from other allied factions.

Keeps track of a universal blacklist for untrustable players deemed either toxic or agressive

Allied with Elysium, Steel Shield and Helheim Legitimates


Elysium is a mainly building-focused faction founded by the users _Syk0_ and HiddenKitten23, they have worked on community-related projects such as the seed reverse engineering project, the first mapart and newspawn spawn startup.

Allied with the Alliance

Diamond Crusaders

Diamond Crusaders is a group formed by MasterAli123, GSBofXGN and SoloMaker. Later members include Swiitsh and Hyoubu. The group was mainly focused on living a life secluded from the rest of the server and building. Their first base was located within 6000 blocks from spawn, and had some public farms for new players. It was later found and griefed by an unknown player. The faction then moved on to another base that is still operational to this day, and is located within 300k blocks from spawn. The Diamond Crusaders are now defunct as most of its members have stopped playing on the server.

The Phantoms (Wolfpack)

Phantoms[Wolfpack], Founded by Thanos_Rock and QuillEXE. later owned by LiquidityRL and Thanos_Rock. Was insided by Nyena and __Storm__ (This most likely caused the rebranding) It only has one member who is still active (v6q).

Helheim Legitimates

Not much is known about this faction

Steel Shield

Founded by The_Biblioklept, currently owned by Eccentricat, made to make spawn a better place.

The Guild


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